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This is a Swedish blog where we try to connect the dots between energy use and the economic development and resulting effects on our planet and local environment.

We recommed our English visitors to check out our new international Evolution Show on youtube where Johan talks with inspiring people and focus on Electric transports, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Smart energy solutions and Sustainable living.    

We are also authors of the Swedish book"Olja för blåbär - Energi, makt och hållbarhet" (Oil for bluberries- Energy, power and Sustainability") .The book is not yet translated but an English book review can be found here.

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Who we are:

Johan Landgren

For a short summary, please read an interview with me in Fair Planet.

My dedication to and involvement in environmental issues goes several years back. I have for an example, been involved in environmental protection projects in the Stockholm area with The Swedish Society of Nature and Conservation (SSNC).

After attending a high profile energy conference in Washington D.C. (US military strategists, former minister of Defense, energy researchers, politicians, writers, investors etc), a 3-day conference completely dedicated to Energy and our oil dependance, I became acutely aware of Peak Oil issue and the world´s oil dependance. I followed up the conference in 2010 by attending another conference in Washington D.C. 2011, both conferences were organized by what by then still active, Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO) -USA. 

During my internship at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in 2010, I was involved in a project on climate policy´s and technology development. The purpose with the SEI-project was to examine the latest technologies with the ability to decrease carbon emissions, in particular solar power technologies. This is when I discovered Tesla Motors and became interested in electric cars and eventually me to get my own Tesla Model S in 2014. 

I have a Master´s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from the Department of the Peace and Conflict Research and an undergraduate in Political Science from the Department of Political Science, at Uppsala University, Sweden. Late 2011, Energy Bulletin published an article (now resilience.org) I wrote based on my master´s thesis:
Late february 2013, the Swedish magazine for young physicians/doctors, Moderna Läkare, published an article on Peak Oil´s impacts on the Swedish health care system, the article was written by me and doctor Lena Lokrantz. A have also written articles for the major Swedish political news magazine Dagens Samhälle, the first with Roberth, looked at Sweden´s vulnerability to different type of crises.
Since Juli 2013-July 2015 I was an editor for the Swedish news magazine Om Omställning ("About Transition"), where I wrote about issues related to sustainability such as Peak Oil, energy and economics.

I am the main author of book "Olja för blåbär- Energi, makt och hållbarhet".

Roberth Hansson

I would probably describe myself as a `finance junkie´. At an early age in the middle of the 90s I bought my first stocks and ever since I have been very interested in the financial markets.

My interest in commodities has like many other´s increased with the strong trend and rise in commodity prices that has taken place during the last decade.

The first time I encountered the expression “Peak Oil” was back in 2006 when I read the book by the Swedish author Gunnar Lindstedt “Olja-jakten på det svarta guldet när världens oljekällor sinar” (Oil- The hunt for the black gold when the oil resources in the world depletes).

Yet it wasn´t until the summer of 2008 when the Brent crude peaked at 147 dollars/barrel that I realized that the “emperor is naked” so to speak. The age of cheap and easily accessible oil has started to step back.

I´m coauthor of the book "Olja för blåbär- Energi, makt och hållbarhet" and study Economics at the Uppsala University.