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Peak Oil "Måste läsas"

Modifying Hubbert’s model of peak oil to account for a rise in production due to higher prices, James Hamilton, Energy Bulletin, 12 Juni 2012

OPEC Decision Puts Onus on Saudi Arabia Should Oil Fall,  
Massive shale gas find for Apache, UPI, 15 Juni 2012

EU biofuel aid 'inflates food cost', The Press Association, 15 Juni

Energy Return on (Energy) Invested (EROI), Oil Prices, and Energy Transitions, Matthew Kuperus Heun (Calvin College) & Martin de Wit (publicerad av David Murphy, 15 Juni 2012
Slutsatserna i inlägget ovan: "One cannot take a smooth transition from oil to other forms of energy for granted. Our paper highlights four factors indicating that a smooth transition away from oil is unlikely: insufficient oil-sector technological development to overcome depletion, declining mark-up, a non-linear relationship between EROI and production costs, and the non-linear relationship between EROI and oil price. In fact, with EROI values tending downward below 10, the risk of significant increases in oil prices, all other factors constant, is very high."

"Significant transitions in energy technologies are not fast. Fouquet, in a study of previous energy transitions, indicates that, historically, the time-scale for diffusion to dominance for a new energy technology is on the order of three decades for the fastest transitions."


From Deflation Push to Inflation Shove, John Butler, Financial Sense, 15 Juni 2012

World Braces for Test of Euro, Stephen Fidler, The Wall Street Journal, 16 Juni 2012 

Donning our Parachutes, Frederick J Sheehan, Financial Sense, 15 Juni 2012


Iraq and Iran form alliance within Opec Guy Chazan, The Financial Times, 15 Juni 2012 

Energi & Övrigt

”Mer forskning behövs för att säkra slutförvar”, Monica Kleja, Ny Teknik, 14 Juni 2012

U.S. Solar Grew 85 Percent in First Quarter, SEIA Says, Ehren Gossens, Bloomberg,  13 Juni 2012

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