Uppsnappat i etern -25 April

Peak Oil "Must read" 

Rates rising as record chines oil imports affects ships freight, Bloomberg Isaac Arnsdorf, 23 April 2012

Past and Future at Total's Elgin/Franklin Project, Joules Burn, The Oil Drum, 23 April 2012


On the Social Security 2012 Report to Congress, Bruce Krasting, Financial Sense, 24 April 2012

Epic Fail part 1, James Quinn, Financial Sense, 23 April 2012


Exclusive: Indian shipping firms to carry Iran crude despite reduced insurance, Nidhi Verma & Randi Fabi, Reuters, 24 April 2012

Iran Talks Won’t Halt Oil Sanctions, Societe Generale Says, Christian Smollinger, Bloomberg, 24 April 2012

The Pentagon Is Taking The Fight With Iran Straight To South America, Eloise Lee, Business Insider, 24 April 2012  

Facing Cyberattack, Iranian Officials Disconnect Some Oil Terminals From Internet, Thomas Erdbrink, The New York Times, 23 April 2012

Iran to up oil production at gulf field, UPI, 24 April 2012


The US Is Stockpiling A Huge Cache Of Weapons In Israel, Michael Kelley, Business Insider, 23 April 2012

More Japanese flock to Southeast Asia, The Japan Times, 25 April 2012

The Pentagon Is Starting A Whole New Spy Agency To Steal Foreign Secrets, Robert Johnson, Business Insider, 24 April 2012 

Alger får uppdrag i rymden, Håkan Abrahamson, Ny Teknik, 24 April 2012

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