Uppsnappat i etern - 9 Augusti

Peak Oil Måste läsas
Global Crude Oil and Liquid Fuels, EIA, 7 augusti 2012

China to weed out rare earths producers?, 
UPI, 8 augusti 2012

UPDATE: Coal India May Import Coal, Blend It With Domestic Stocks, The Wall Street Journal, 7 augusti 2012

Why China Is Getting their Feet Wet in the Oil Sands, Robert Rapier, Financial Sense. 7 augusti 2012


QE Forever and Ever?, Pater Tenebrarum, Financial Sense, 8 Augusti 2012

The Race for Resources, Frank Holmes, Financial Sense, 7 augusti 2012

Think Grand Canyon, Douglas Noland, Financial Sense, 5 Augusti 2012


Iran Barters and Bargains to Help Oil Sales, Benoit Faocun, The Wall Street Journal, 7 Augusti 2012 

Iran Envoy Casts Syria as Part of Wider Conflict, Damien Cave, The New York Times, 7 Augusti 2012


Sweden: Saab Receives Order for Naval Fire Control, Radar Systems, Naval Today, 8 Augusti 2012 

 "Järnvägsforskning ger snabb utdelning", Ny Teknik, 7 April 2012


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