Bruset i etern-16 Feb

Bild från: The Petro Business Cycle, Jim Puplava, Financial Sense, 15 Feb 2012
The striking similarity between today’s eurozone situation and the end of Bretton Woods, Hans-Werner Sinn, The International Economy, Winter 2012
China Pledges Sustained Euro Holdings With Plan to Invest in Bailout Funds, Bloomberg News, 15 Feb 2012
Preparing for the Collapse of the Petrodollar System, Jerry Robinson, Financial Sense, 15 Feb 2012
Next Up: Portugal, John Rubino, Financial Sense, 15 Feb 2012
Fossil Fuels: I’m Not Dead Yet, Do the Math (blog), Tom Murphy, 14 Feb 2012


Two Small-Size Iranian Subs Set Sights on US Aircraft Carriers, Naval Today, 15 Feb 2012
Expert: Israel kan anfalla Iran i år, Anders Bolling, DN, 15 Feb 2012
How the Iran Nuclear Standoff Looks From Russia: Dmitri Trenin, Dmitri Trenin,Bloomberg, 15 Feb 2012
Brent ends at 8-month high on supply risks, Gene Ramos, Reuters, 15 Feb 2012
New Delhi Attack Tests India’s Relations With Iran, Amol Sharma & Diksha Sahni, WSJ, 15 Feb 2012
OSG Awaits U.S. Loan-Guarantee Decision as Tankers End Iran Oil Shipments, Andrew Zajac & Isaac Arnsdorf, Bloomberg, 15 Feb 2012
U.S. carrier crosses Hormuz amid rising Gulf tensions, Warda Al-Jawahiry, Reuters, 14 Feb 2012

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