Bruset i etern- 9 Feb

Nuclear power: NRC approves first new reactors in U.S. since 1978, Los Angeles Times, 9 Feb 2012 Euro Finance Chiefs to Defer Decision on Greece, Simon Kennedy and Josiane Kremer, Bloomberg, 9 Feb 2012
Why Our Currency Will Fail, Chris Martenson, Financial Sense, 8 Feb 2012
China Buys Up Saudi, Russian Oil to Squeeze Iran, Reuters, 7 Feb 2012
India, Iran Agree on Crude Payment Mechanism, WSJ, Rakesh Sharma, 7 Feb 2012
Where a Nation’s Gold and Your Gold Should be Held – Part I, Julian Phillips, Financial Sense, 7 Feb 2012
Poisoned Politics of Keystone XL, Joe Nocera, The New York Times, 7 Feb 2012
State media: Iran is ready to ban oil exports to Europe, CNN, 7 Feb 2012
Iran dismisses latest US sanctions as ‘psychological war’, Platts, 7 Feb 2012
New sanctions on Iran constrict trade flows to Asia, Reuters, Lucy Hornby, 7 Feb 2012
Exclusive: Asia buys record Africa oil volumes after Iran cuts, Christofer Johnson, Reuters, 6 Feb 2012
Peak Water: The Rise and Fall of Cheap, Clean H2O, Peter S. Green, Bloomberg, 6 Feb 2012

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