Bruset i etern -7 Feb

Why Business Week is wrong about Peak Oil, Gail Tverberg, Financial Sense, 6 Feb 2012 Iran crisis heats up, JR Nyquist, Financial Sense, 6 Feb 2012

Iran-Sanctions Bid Targets Oil, Tanker Companies, Indira A.R. Lakshmanan, Bloomberg, 6 feb 2012

Gazprom says EU gas gao narrowing as cold keeps demand high, Anna Shiryaevskaya, Bloomberg Business Week, 6 Feb 2012

Gas boom goes bust, Jonathan Callahan, Energy Bulletin, 6 Feb 2012

Machines Have Taken Over the Financial Markets, Joe Duarte, Financial Sense, 6 Feb 2012

Time is running out for Greece to accept bailout conditions Merkel says, Gregory Viscusi & Patrick Donahue, Bloomberg, 6 Feb 2012

Expect China to shape next Bretton Woods pact, Philip Coggan, Bloomberg, 6 Feb 2012

Explosion rips through main Syrian oil pipeline in Homs, Reuters, 6 Feb 2012

Subs, silos, UAVs: Rumors cloud Israel’s Iran clout, Dan Williams, Reuters, 5 Feb 2012

Science behind the big freeze is climate change bringing the Arctic to Europe?, Steve Connor, The Independent, 4 Feb 2012

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