Uppsnappat i etern – 28 feb

Expert: Befogad oro över oljan, Di, Magnus Jansson råvarustrateg på Handelsbanken intervjuas, 28 Feb 2012

Nytt prisrekord för bensinen, DN, 28 feb 2012

”Jas-exporten väcker frågor”, Ny Teknik-debatt, Peter Rådberg (MP)
Riksdagsledamot, Försvarspolitisk talesperson, Miljöpartiet de gröna, 28 Feb 2012

Oil dips on demand worry, consumer view supports, Robert Gibbons, Reuters, 28 feb 2012

Oil Tankers Seen Falling 42% as Japan Weakens Most Since Tsunami: Freight, Rob Sheridan, Bloomberg, 28 Feb 2012

Italy’s Saras: Iran Oil Steady At 10% Of Supply, WSJ, 28 Feb 2012

Britain’s Most Advanced Warship Sweeps Troubled Waters on First Major Operation, Naval Today, 28 Feb 2012
As World Oil Supply Tightens, Is It Time To Tap The Strategic Petroleum Reserve?, Christopher Helman, Forbes, 27 Feb 2012

World Bank to China: Reform your economy or face collapse, Annalyn Censky, Yahoo Finance (CNN Money), 27 Feb 2012

Iran may be “struggling” with new nuclear machines, Fredrik Dahl, Reuters, 27 Feb 2012

Economy Squeezed as Debt Accelerates, Ron Paul, Financial Sense, 27 Feb 2012

Why oil prices are so high: Production shortfall, Iran concerns, and low interest rates, Gail Tverberg, Our Finite World  (blogg), 26 Feb 2012

George Osborne: UK has run out of money, Rowena Mason, The Telegraph, 26 Feb 2012

Opponents to European Airline Emissions Law Prepare Their Countermeasures, Andrew E. Kramer, The New York Times, 22 Feb 2012

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