Uppsnappat i etern – 20 Feb

Oil Rises to 9-Month High; Iran Says Halts Europe Exports, Grant Smith & Yee Kai Pin, Bloomberg, 20 Feb 2012

Restructuring Greece Within the Euro is Illusory, Spiegel Online International, 20 Feb 2012

S&P varnar Japan, Di, 20 Feb 2012

How you can tell that the peak oil debate is (almost) over, Kurt Cob, Energy Bulletin, 19 Feb 2012

Japan Posts Largest Trade Deficit on Record, Takashi Nakamichi, WSJ, 19 Feb 2012

Shell Clears Major Hurdle in Its Bid for New Arctic Drilling, , Ohn M. Broder & Clifford Krauss, The New York Times,  17 Feb 2012

Gasoline pushes inflation up in January, Jason Lange, Reuters, 17 Feb 2012

Italian police seize $6 trillion of fake U.S. bonds, Elisa Forte & Gavin Jones, Reuters, 17 Feb 2012

Can You Tell the Difference between Gold & the S&P 500?, Chris Puplava, Financial Sense, 17 Feb 2012

Oil shocks around the world: Are they really that bad?, Tobias Rasmussen & Agustin Roitman, VOX, 25 Augusti 2011 (aktuell  på theoildrum.net)

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